Working at the weekend?

There is nothing wrong in principle with working at the weekend. For example, it can ensure that your Monday does not feel radically different from your Sunday. However, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a critical issue. If people never relax, the quality of their life and the quality of their work does suffer. Self-employed individuals may have to be particularly careful; they can’t always rely on fixed holidays to recharge their batteries. Hence it is prudent for them to take a day off at some point during the week- even if it is not a Sunday or a Saturday.

Whether you work at the weekend or not, it is really important to try to do something you enjoy. There is nothing worse than working away at tasks which seem futile or frustrating. Taking pleasure in work can make all the difference to you in the long-term. Of course, it is not always feasible to work on things which give you joy, but it is worth aiming to end up doing something of a fulfilling nature.

Certain jobs require a lot of preparation. For instance, teachers in Britain are obliged to spend many hours on bureaucratic activities. These are often carried out at the weekend. Any country should value its teachers. Without them, none of us would have the skills with which to work at all.


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