Is copy simply the consequence of copying?

As a copywriter, I am asked some odd questions from time to time. This is in part because not everyone has much of an idea what the job I do entails. On occasion, people have implied that I must engage in plagiarism on a routine basis! As I am a graduate, I am well aware of how copying the work of others is entirely unacceptable. Although I no longer use footnotes, I am really conscious of the value of the standards which I upheld when composing essays and other types of academic work.

If producing copy was simply copying then it would be incredibly dull. I could not have sustained my efforts for so long if I did not exercise my creativity. Content which was mere imitation would not have satisfied the people who are kind enough to pay my wages either.

In the UK, we are very keen to establish what somebody does for a living. This may be because our society is quite a snobbish one. Perhaps a meritocracy is a Utopian fantasy, but it is a shame that some individuals feel obliged to put each other down.    


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