Sometimes writers talk about inspiration. Their creative process is quite different from that of a copywriter. A real artist pays little attention to their target audience. They express something which is personal to them. Their words are not designed to be bought and sold like any other commodity. When a publisher gets hold of their art, this kind of thing is taken care of. So inspiration is a meaningful concept for a novelist.

When it comes to the activities of a copywriter, there may well be flickers of inspiration here and there. Nonetheless, the reality is that it is persistence which is central to the creative strategy. Techniques like brainstorming can come into play. Resources can be referred to for assistance. In short, the production of copy is not reliant on a high degree of inspiration.

Unlike an artist, a copywriter has to craft their message towards what others want. They do not try to challenge the preconceptions of the reader. On the contrary, they aim to satisfy the reader in a simple fashion. A straightforward commodity is produced, without a big intervention from a publisher. Words are used as tools. They are respected, but they are not put on a pedestal.  



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