Two cheers for exploitation?

Exploitation is a contested concept. Clearly, some forms of exploitation are far too cruel and should be outlawed as soon as possible. Nonetheless, in western societies it is often those who are not exploited in the labour market who face the worst experiences. People reliant on meagre state benefits for survival endure grim poverty and terrible boredom- as well as being on the receiving end of considerable social stigma.

Facing another day of exploitation, I must confess that I am grateful for it. As somebody may have already commented, it is better to be exploited than not to be exploited at all. There is some dignity in being exploited. Furthermore, there is always the hope that the level of exploitation will decline. 

It is also the case that using words creatively numbs the pain of exploitation. There is something unique about language. The words may not bring in enough numbers, but there is something special about using them. Words are magical in a way which numbers are not. Words can take hold of the imagination and can transport the producer of copy towards a place of serenity.    



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