Libraries are sublime

Although I have plenty of copy to keep me quiet today, I intend to make time for a fleeting library visit. In my view, libraries are an essential community asset. They can be sites where people do more than read. They can apply for jobs using internet access, they can do courses, and they can get involved in diverse groups.

However, I must admit that I use libraries in a traditional way. I use my library to get out books which I would otherwise be likely to overlook. It is also great exercise to get down to the library. Online learning is all very well, but getting outside is excellent for remote workers. As for the library, I appreciate the fact that it is a peaceful place.

Obviously, libraries are threatened by various pressures these days. That is one reason why it makes sense to use them regularly. It is also vital to let other people know we use them. In this way, we will be in a better position to protect them if the threat to their existence becomes even more severe.


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