Content production for the sake of content?

Producing content on a regular basis is an interesting problem to have. It is not always easy to get from the blank page to the finished article. That is why having a blog helps. It allows the copywriter to exercise their writing muscles. This means that they are warmed up and ready to go when necessary. It is a great opportunity to check that basic accuracy is being achieved.

However, a blog should not be a simple succession of words. It would be too dull for any reader to follow if the words did not go anywhere. Hence this blog will mention thoughts about what I have been reading. I have started ‘Goodbye to All That’ by Robert Graves. It is of some interest, and I will review it in due course.

Reviewing books is not at all easy, because everybody reads in their own way. It is also the case that good books are full of detail. Any review is highly selective. There is also the issue of ideology. It is not possible to be neutral or objective about a book. Similar problems affect introductions. In short, it is best not to have excessive expectations with regard to reviews. It is the books themselves which really matter. However, if a review inspires one reader to give a decent book a chance then it has not been in vain. Even if it fails to do this, it may still be thought-provoking. Hence reviews do have their uses. 


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