The Scottish Play at The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool: reviewed

‘Macbeth’ is a familiar tragedy, not as large in scope as ‘King Lear’, but powerful nonetheless. The innovative production at The Everyman challenged the audience to the extent that the applause was tepid at best.

The text had not been treated with reverence. In fact, it was used as a mere framework for a musical and visual extravaganza.Traditional fans of Shakespeare seemed alarmed at various aspects of the production. The postmodern inclusion of a book of study notes did provoke laughter, but some people were left cold by the performance as a whole.

In short, the production was a nod to the avant-garde in a city which has conservative tastes. As such, few will mourn the fact that it was the last night of the play. However, those behind the production should be praised for their attempt to avoid the sterility of repetition.


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