Roger Fry at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum: reviewed

Modernism and Birkenhead might seem an unlikely combination to some people. Nevertheless, when I was walking around a small gallery on Merseyside I noticed a delightful work produced by the influential art critic Roger Fry. The textile arrangement was quite an odd piece, and the key term post-Impressionist was present. On the wall, a reference was also made to the famous Omega Workshops.

For a few moments, I was transported back in time to ‘Roger Fry: a Biography’ by Virginia Woolf. Woolf had thought a lot about the nature of biography, and she had produced a text which allowed the voice of Fry to come alive to readers.

Uncertainty was expressed about the date of the art work in question. It was suggested in the gallery that 1912 was possible, but the London initiative called the Omega Workshops was apparently established in 1913. The Great War would then have a major impact on new art among regional stars, impacting on the poetry of May Sinclair, for example.


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