Five reasons why Blairites should back Corbyn

It might appear that the ideology of Corbyn is the antithesis of Blairism. However, the difference between the two belief systems is most evident when it comes to foreign policy. As UK elections are fought largely on domestic issues, there are strong reasons why admirers of Blair should back Corbyn:

  • Corbyn and Blair are associated with an ability to connect with ordinary people
  • The majority of Blairites are not natural rebels. They have shown discipline and loyalty throughout most of their careers
  • Blairites are not Tories. Hence they should see the need to combat the Conservative Party as their main priority
  • Corbyn is cool in an odd way. As Prime Minister, Blair was always keen on modernity and tried to work with a vision of Cool Brittania
  • Blairites are pragmatists when it comes to economics. The Third Way compromise involved backing business to fuel investment in the public realm. Corbyn has already offered hope to the self-employed in the form of potential welfare rights and his willingness to work for a Social Europe is indicative of his emergent pragmatism

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