Should Corbyn hug a Tory?

When David Cameron was trying to alter the Tory brand, he tried to show empathy with young people. Back in 2006, he was concerned that his party was perceived as remote from the problems facing disenfranchised youth. He even spoke of the need for social justice.

However, once in government all this rhetoric was shelved. Cameron perceived that young people were not an engaged electorate. His policies soon cut into the benefits and opportunities which young people had enjoyed. The alienation from the political process which had previously concerned him was perhaps seen as inevitable given the realities of governing after the international economic crisis. His commitment to the vision of a charitable Big Society was exposed as somewhat shallow as social problems mounted.

In 2015, the Tories seem to be in an odd position. With a narrow majority, their major policies are poised to divide the country yet again. They seem remote from the lives of many ordinary people. Perhaps they are as lost as the juvenile delinquents who Cameron once referenced. Maybe a few of them could recover their empathy. As part of Corbyn’s kinder politics, he could try giving one of them a hug. Whether this method of connection would work in practice is open to question.


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