Sex and death: the marvels of the Mayan civilisation

The ghost of Sigmund Freud could have helped to curate ‘Mayan World’ in Liverpool. A floor of the large museum was devoted to the worship of time, breeding and rituals of death. Repetitive obsessions apparently haunted the minds of tourists as they wandered around the artefacts.

It was possible to forget the capitalist imperative which had driven people to move lumps of the past of Mexico to the museum. A deliberate phallus caught the eye, attempting to fuse power and fertility. And a brick with a crocodile suggested that death was always round the corner.

The civilisation had its roots in ancient times. Pictures of old pyramidal structures were intended to tempt the affluent to visit Mexico. However, as the afternoon drew to a close, the sinister coupling of the death and sex drives was palpable.


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