All in the Mind by Ludovic Kennedy

This philosophical attack on Christianity leans quite heavily on Freud, Paine and Darwin. Nonetheless, the text also refers to Baron d’Holbach, Nietzsche, Feuerbach and Marx. Lesser atheists are brought in to supplement a personal argument which largely avoids bitterness.

However, the book shares a few of the flaws commonly associated with New Atheism. Sometimes, it judges religion as a failure because it does not operate like science does. Further, it refuses to view religion in metaphorical terms. Ultimately, it is as nearly as relentless and dogmatic as much of the thought it opposes. Kennedy cites Charles Reade with approval:

“The essence of religion is inertia; the essence of science is change.”

Critics of science would argue that change needs to be directed for the welfare of all. Apologists for religion might maintain they could help with the provision of some constructions of the common good. Even agnostics may ask why those who find Christianity to be absurd spend so much time thinking about it.



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