Decline and Fall by Chris Mullin

These political diaries underline how long the British Labour Party has been in great difficulty. The text gives an insight into the despair of a politician who was on the brink of retirement. His sense of humour is evident, but his growing animosity to segments of the public is more revealing.

Unfortunately, the author has no sympathy with citizens who do not vote. Further, he has little empathy with people who subsist on social security. These blind spots make for uncomfortable reading. The MP developed an understandable dislike for the media, but he was unreasonable in his lack of emotional intelligence with regard to the reaction to the expenses scandal.

Nevertheless, Chris Mullin did share some of the observational skills of embattled Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn has been consistent in his attack on the conditions in the British labour market. Similarly, Mullin warned:

“We talk of lifting families out of poverty, but outsourcing drives people into poverty and insecurity. We are heading remorselessly back towards the nineteenth century.”


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