What is Momentum for?

At the thrilling Momentum event in Liverpool, there was a short debate about the purpose of the organisation. An interesting contribution from a member of Podemos followed. The complexity of social movements and their relationships with established institutional structures was addressed without impenetrable discourse being used.

As someone who is not a member of Momentum, I was struck by the openness of the conversations. Despite the presence of a sneering media, these people had the courage to voice their opinions on a range of issues. There were differences of perspective and there were variations over strategy, but the discussion was constructive.

While the interaction was not designed to influence Momentum policy directly, the sharing of experiences from different places was arguably of real importance. It was interesting how nuanced the arguments were and how realism featured in much of the talk. Despite the threats to the existence and reputation of Momentum, it is clear that it is likely to have a degree of resilience.


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