Postcapitalism by Paul Mason

It would not be capricious to argue that this book is less than the sum of its parts. Poorly structured, the text takes the reader on quite a wild historical journey. However, the juxtaposition of Alexander Bogdanov, Nikolai Kondratieff, William Shakespeare, Karl Marx, and Adam Smith is an imaginative challenge to the status quo. As a result, the work deserves a close read.

The specific policy prescriptions will not necessarily inspire all young activists. Further, the failure to fully appreciate that Marxism was never a homogeneous way of thinking is hugely disappointing. Nonetheless, there is a fragmentary respect for the philosophical traditions under discussion.

Fortunately, Mason contrives to set up a lively intellectual debate. This means that readers can pick their favourite insights and use them as points of departure. Sometimes the method behind the theory is too broad to persuade the individual that one is in the presence of a radical intellectual:

“There is probably even a conservative version of postcapitalism, and good luck to it.”


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