Who’s Sorry Now? by Howard Jacobson

This comic novel asks questions about the nature of contemporary relationships. However, the narrative is almost as angst-ridden as it is droll. The characters struggle to maintain positive outlooks as their quests for personal happiness lead to profound collective dissatisfaction.

Some of the targets of the humour are slightly too obvious. The attacks on the futility of contemporary fame are verging on the predictable. Notwithstanding this quibble, the book is really enjoyable in parts.

However, it does appear that the text aims to shed some light on a few important issues. It is in this context where the level of seriousness is quite hard to discern. It may be true that one should bear in mind that happy couples:

“could insult each other and not expect to be misunderstood. Half the art of falling in love- attaining the foolish intimacy…”


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