Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton et al.

“I’ve always believed that good decisions in government, in business, and in life are based on evidence rather than ideology.”

Hillary Clinton

This lengthy text illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of Hillary Clinton as a candidate for the President of the United States. Polished by a speech-writer, it shows the reader the breadth of her experience. However, the narrative lacks an effective structure and the blurred messages fail to connect with the idealistic values that have allowed other Democrats to secure the White House.

There is a determination about Clinton that is evident in the book. And it is still very hard to accept the candidate who beat her in the election. Nonetheless, the vagaries, contradictions and failures of large swathes of American foreign policy did not show Clinton in a particularly positive light. The Secretary of State is often painted as being at the mercy of unpredictable events.

Ultimately, Clinton fought bravely against Donald Trump. Nobody can know whether or not Bernie Sanders would have been a better candidate. All one can say is that pragmatism is not necessarily the most appealing ideology. This is because those who aim to be pragmatic can too easily become Machiavellian under the pressure of circumstances.


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