The target audience

One of the most important things in communication is to have a decent grasp of the wants and needs of a specific target audience. Once you have an idea of the people who you are trying to reach with your message, then you have the opportunity of crafting something suitable for their consumption. It can take a little time to develop knowledge of a target audience, so it is sensible to be patient.

If you can get feedback from your readers, this can really help you think about how to influence other individuals. For instance, it may emerge that your style is not sufficiently conversational (or it could be that you are employing an excessive amount of jargon).

In general, keeping things simple is a highly effective way of broadening your appeal. You do not want your readers to have to resort to the use of a dictionary. Nor do you wish your readers to become bored because of long paragraphs or sentences with several clauses.

There are exceptions to most ‘rules’ when it comes to writing copy. However, acquiring a thorough knowledge of your target audience is a strategy that reaps rewards on a consistent basis.

Producing copy may be creative, but it is not like composing a poem. It is not a matter of expressing your inner vision. It is all about catering to the needs of others. And as every caterer knows, the price has to be right.


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